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How to identify black sesame with regular black sesame


Sesame seeds are black and white. From the perspective of nutrition science, no matter whether black sesame seeds or white sesame seeds are nutrient-rich foods, the nutritional value of black sesame seeds is slightly higher than that of white sesame seeds if it is necessary to separate them. Therefore, many black sesame seeds are used for replenishing health, and white sesame seeds are used more often in daily diets because of their beautiful color.


Therapeutic effect

Black sesame sweet and flat, with nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing and moistening effect. In addition to the well-known black hair effect, black sesame seeds also have a good antioxidant function, because of its rich oil and vitamin E, can nourish the skin, blood and purge, is the beauty of the maintenance of the share. It also contains substances such as lecithin, choline, and muscle sugar that prevent the body from getting fat, so sesame does not gain weight if it eats too much. While dieting for weight loss, rough skin can be improved with sesame. In addition, black sesame seeds also have the effect of replenishing the brain. For some people with dizziness and poor memory caused by insufficient liver and kidney, it is extremely beneficial to eat some black sesame seeds.

The law of eating

The sesame products we eat on weekdays are mostly sesame paste and sesame sesame oil. Eating a whole grain of sesame is not the best for nutrient absorption, because sesame has a slightly harder film on its outside, and only by grinding it, the nutrients can be absorbed. Therefore, sesame is best crushed and eaten.


The purchased sesame seeds should be stored in a well-sealed container and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If sesame is fried and dried, it is more convenient for storage.

people suitble

1. Suitable for dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision, lumbar acid, leg weakness, tinnitus, deafness, hair loss, hair loss and premature whiteness caused by lack of liver and kidney; suitable for women with lack of postpartum milk; suitable for frailty, anemia, Hyperlipidemia, hypertension, asthma in the elderly, tuberculosis, and urticaria, habitual constipation; edible for diabetes, thrombocytopenic purpura, chronic neuritis, peripheral nerve palsy, acne, and hemorrhagic diathesis.

2. People with chronic enteritis and loose stools should not eat.

Identification of dyed black sesame

Some unscrupulous businessmen will use white sesame seeds to dye black sesame using chemical dyes to earn the middle spread. According to people in the industry, most of the sesame dyeings are for the sake of selling pictures. Long-term excessive intake of black sesame seeds will definitely harm health. It is a businessman who has no conscience. Many people buy black sesame seeds to spend money for health care and eat some dye. Therefore, a friend who buys sesame must pay attention to the fact that it is often dyed in big supermarkets. Leave one more eye before buying.

1. The appearance of dyed black sesame seeds. Normal black sesame will fade slightly after soaking in water, but the color will not be too dark. The natural pigments in black sesame are dissolved in water, so black sesame seeds do not quickly fade in cold water at room temperature, except for aged black sesame seeds.

2. Identification method of dyed black sesame: Put raw black sesame into cold water, if it fades quickly, it is likely to be stained. In addition, since the black sesame seeds are only black, the endosperm part is still white. You can use a knife to cut the black sesame seeds and see if the inside is white. Black sesame seeds can also be placed in the palm of your hand, if the palm of the hand soon appears black, indicating that black sesame seeds are likely to be stained.

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